Viarte/Vilan for Live IP Studio Pipelined Workflow

isovideo standards conversion/transcoding gets a near-linear boost in throughput versus the number of Viarte servers, using our latest innovative, highly scalable stream/file splitting system. This opens up a whole new set of applications beyond file-based operation. With the Vilan capture server sending mathematically lossless-compressed HD/UHD over IP to a Viarte servers, a continuous video stream can be received and processed by networked, GPU accelerated Viarte servers in realtime and with fairly low delay. Cost-effective Vilan systems can be used at capture/contribution to send either a compressed lossless (equivalent to uncompressed) or camera-compressed IP stream. The viarte servers can then do on-the-fly local standards conversion, transcoding and transport, forwarding the results in multiple formats to multiple systems, and allowing immediate use of the data streams. Local transcoding requires only sending a single format from the source, thereby saving significant bandwidth. Viarte server installations at central facilities eliminate the needs to either buy or rent expensive standards conversion systems to be used at events.

Features and Benefits:
[1] Note: throughput depends on the Viarte system resources available to work together on a stream.