isovideo Introduction

isovideo is an innovative startup company located in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. isovideo stands for equal video for all! We specialize in very high quality, GPU accelerated, file-based, standards conversion/transcoding services/server for the digital media industry. Given one original high quality video input, whether it is progressive or interlaced, we can efficiently generate multiple highest quality derived videos with any combination of scan type, frame-rates and resolutions, and in multiple codecs and containers. These derived videos are not only sharp and smooth but also H.264/HEVC compression efficient, enabling significant compressed bandwidth savings in distribution (eg. streaming applications).

Our newly released server product Viarte was one of five 2013 NAB/IABM Game-Changer Award winners. It has several breakthrough technologies in standards conversion quality. When given high quality camera input captured at 24p or higher, it can be used effectively in film with resolutions up to 8k.

Viarte was used for "footage conversion" (59.94i to 23.976p) in two-time Academy-Award winning director Ron Howard's concert documentary "Made in America", impressing the producers and editors. Over 600 converted concert clips with light-show strobes and lasers needed no redos whatsoever. Viarte was chosen after competing with other more renowned solutions including Alchemist. See CreativeCOW forum discussions here. We recently showcased Viarte at the 2013 SMPTE Tech Conf & Expo, October 22-24 at Loews Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, CA.

Viarte's deinterlacer is unique in that it passes through original fields unchanged, retaining 100% full vertical resolution, yet it produces imperceptibly low flicker. In addition, Viarte deinterlacing reduces H.264/HEVC compressed sizes by an average 17% vs compressed interlaced.

Viarte's GPU accelerated motion-compensated framerate converter offers smooth and clean video at any frame-rate. Its adjustable, accurately simulated motion-blur reduces playback motion-judder. This allows action films to be captured at higher frame rates and down-converted to the target framerate(s), and motion-blurred to taste.

Viarte's unique server architecture offers highly automated, streamlined execution 24/7, from multi-file drag-and-drop inputs, via optimized pipeline processing, to various multi-files/destination delivery options, including fast FTP file push. Viarte processing supports concurrent up/down/cross conversions between interlaced or progressive video/film, with any combinations of frame-rates and resolutions (from QSIF to 8k). Multiple codecs and container types are supported.

To gain more market exposure, we are seeking collaborative project opportunities in high quality (4k/HD) video/film productions/post-productions that require standards conversion/transcoding, optionally with multiple target deliverables. Please see our recent article in shooting future-proof videos. We believe our quality can beat anyone in the industry, hardware or software.

If you have challenge footage (4k/HD/SD) that needs to be converted, please give us a try. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks, and All the best!

Keith Slavin, CTO isovideo LLC