SMPTE 2015 Preview – isovideo to Showcase its Breakthrough
HDR/SDR Noise Reduction with Flexible Modified-Log Pipeline Processing
at SMPTE Technology Conference and Exhibition

Visit us at SMPTE in Hollywood, Booth #110 from October 27-29

(Beaverton, Oregon - October 22, 2015) - At SMPTE Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition 2015 in Hollywood, CA, isovideo will showcase its latest breakthrough Viarte MC noise reduction with flexible modified-log HDR/SDR pipeline technology. Viarte is a GPU-accelerated, superior quality media content transformation server, with breakthrough quality motion-based noise reduction, now with a new capability to accept and process HDR video (10-bit or higher) for 10-bit HEVC/AVC encoding, and further be decoded to potentially fit into a variety of displays.

Viarte was one of five winners of the prestigious Game-Changer Awards by the IABM/NAB 2013. isovideo Viarte technology can help media professionals to address several challenges facing the industry, such as cost effectively transitioning to HDR processing and digitally remastering legacy content.

isovideo Viarte conversion and cluster technologies enable cinema quality file-based/stream-based HDR/SDR content transformation and encoding.

Viarte Content Conversion/Transformation Capabilities and Benefits:

Viarte Flexible Modified-Log (mLog)/Denoise HDR/SDR Processing Advantages:

  1. Single stream processing for both cinema/Blu-ray or OTT and broadcast applications, supporting 10 to 15-bit BBC HLG or mLog input HDR;
  2. Stunning picture quality when viewing on HDR displays, while taking full advantage of any future display dynamic range advancement;
  3. Visual lossless encoding with up to 75% HEVC file size reduction. Soon to be on the Cloud for realtime contribution applications;
  4. Lowest HEVC bitrate for a given PSNR/sharpness, or improved PSNR for a given bitrate;
  5. Backward compatible with fully implemented BBC HLG (HDR) proposal to enable HDR content be displayed on UHD Phase 1 TVs directly;
  6. Fast CUDA implementation of video renormalization between different EOTFs, such as conventional gamma, or BBC HLG, or mLog which allows higher dynamic ranges as used in cinema production;
  7. Encoder agnostic processing, allows easily adaptation to future encoding technology;
  8. Display agnostic to enable widespread HDR adoption from Cinema projection, STB, OTT, Broadcast, Gaming consoles to mobile;
  9. mLog allow easy adaptation to wide viewing conditions, and easy re-normalization for maximum brightness, and significantly simplifies HDR production workflow;
  10. Scalable, and can be implemented on the Cloud;
  11. No additional HDR royalties beyond HEVC.


Viarte HDR technology provides the most flexible, cost effective and future-proof HDR approach that also ties picture quality, bandwidth savings, display-independent processing in a single stream, allow rapid HDR adaptation worldwide. Viarte digital remastering technology also provides the best solution to up-convert legacy content for HDR/SDR displays, unifying both new and legacy content for the best possible HDR presentation, and with the most efficient bandwidth utilization.

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