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Background - SDR+ During SDR to HDR Transition

As SDR is the dominant distribution format for the foreseeable future, its quality should be of utmost importance. HDR production should not only achieve future-proof production, with minor distribution goals to begin with, it should also give much better SDR to justify its cost while benefitting viewership at large. Unfortunately, the backward-compatible version of SDR from HLG, or LUT based SDR from HDR only achieve degraded SDR, which could negatively impact viewership. High quality, low cost, automated conversion to SDR from HDR has always been a technical challenge.

After years of research and development, isovideo brings their unparalleled quality HDR to SDR+ tone mapping to the market as a new Viarte self-service, immediately available. SDR+ offers uncompromised immersive viewing experience on any SDR display with much improved detail, including shadows, contrast, highlights and color. It is universally distributable using existing SDR infrastructure, including dual format OTT and Bluray, and is also a good alternative for SDR broadcast during the HDR transition period.

Advantages of Viarte HDR to SDR+ Tone Mapping:

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