Unparalleled Automated HDR to SDR+ Tone Mapping
No-Compromise Immersive Viewing Experience
Leveraging Existing SDR Broadcast, OTT & Cinema
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Viarte HDR to SDR+ Tone Mapping

The latest Viarte HDR to SDR tone mapping solution uses GPU acceleration to automatically tone-map unsaturated HDR down to superior Rec709, truly SDR+. SDR+ takes full advantage of the eye's logarithmic response, so even though absolute highlight levels are reduced from HDR, a substantially enhanced viewing impact is nevertheless achievable on most content. HDR production can now be used with current video distribution infrastructure for a genuinely improved SDR+ viewing experience on any existing SDR display device, from TVs to cell phones, including current cinema projection systems.

Benefits of Viarte HDR to SDR+ Tone Mapping:

Viarte tone mapping allows world-wide HDR production and distribution to go main-stream, and enable wide-reaching SDR+ viewing impact without compromises, while HDR content is future-proof and ready for the newer generations of HDR displays to take hold.

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