The Fastest, Sharpest
SD/HD to HD/UHD/4K Video Scaler

Natural-Looking Edge Enhancement
Pixel Aspect Ratio Conversion

Rescape SD/HD/UHD/4K Video Up/Down-Scaler/Rotator

Rescape is the fastest, highest-quality GPU-accelerated SD/HD/UHD/4K video scaler and rotator available, with natural-looking edge enhancement, and absolutely no ringing (a.k.a. the Gibbs phenomenon).

Principle Features:

Independent Scaling & Rotation

Rescape can scale video independently in the vertical and horizontal directions, while simultaneously performing image rotation to correct for tilted source images. Tilt correction can automatically zoom in so that black triangular areas are never visible in the output.

Rescape Examples

The following video links illustrate various upscaling and downscaling conversions, as well as an example of continuous scaling and rotation of crowd_run. We recommend downloading from these links first as the files cannot be viewed in real time over the Web. Also we strongly recommend you read our Smooth Viewing guide first.