NAB/IABM Game-Changer Award-Winning Viarte
Unparalleled HDR to SDR Tone Mapping - Latest!
Stunning Automated SDR to HDR Up-Conversion - Latest!
Cinema Quality Standards Conversion
HDR Noise Reduction Shrinks HEVC Upto 5x!
Efficient Flexible Scalable Pipelined Architecture

Viarte HDR-to-SDR Tone Mapping | SDR-to-HDR Up-Conversion |
Digital Remastering | Standards Conversion Server

Viarte embodies several key breakthroughs in stream/file-based SDR-to-HDR Up-Conversion, HDR-to-SDR tone mapping, 4K/UHD/HD/SD digital remastering, MC standards conversion/transcoding technologies, offering significant advances in conversion quality, HDR/SDR MC noise reduction, HEVC/AVC compression efficiency, throughput, latency and server architecture.

Unparalleled HDR to SDR+ Tone Mapping

Breakthrough Viarte HDR/SDR Processing Quality

GPU motion-compensated (MC) Deinterlacing &
Inverse Telecine Technology - Demeler
  • 1) 100% original field pass-through (no output filtering) for full vertical resolution, yet with very little visible flicker.
    2) on average 21% H.264/HEVC compressed bit-rate reduction, when compared with compressing interlaced directly. Together these two attributes provide an objective measure of deinterlacing quality. Our deinterlacing has enabled filmmakers to shoot in ntsc60i and show their film on the big screen, and also on Blu-ray.
  • 100% recoverable progressive archives, completely eliminating the need for interlaced archives. This improves workflow efficiency by avoiding repeated deinterlacing.
  • Sophisticated inverse telecine technology hardened and used in over 40 episodes of a TV sitcom. It achieves over 99.9% automation and handles extreme noise variation, random-cadences, mixed and broken-cadences, cross-fades, etc. It does not add unnecessary duplicated frames. It uses true motion calculations (not motion adaptive) for extremely reliable scene-change detection, achieving as near perfect results as possible.
  • Mixed interlace/pulldown/progressive (PSF) handling.
GPU MC Frame-Rate Conversion Technology - Legato
  • Motion-compensated for smooth, sharp, superior image quality.
  • Simulated, accurate motion-blur for playback judder reduction, while saving an average of 15% H264/HEVC compressed bandwidth without sacrificing visual quality.
  • Temporal conversion by up to +/-10% allows material to fit a time slot without introducing judder due to frame dropping/duplication.
GPU Video Scaler and Rotator - Rescape
  • Highest-quality video scaler and rotator available, with natural-looking edge enhancement and absolutely no ringing: enables superior upresing from SD to HD or HD to UHD/8K, or scaling down to mobile.
  • Independently scales in the vertical and horizontal directions, allowing Pixel Aspect Ratio conversion, while simultaneously performing image rotation to correct for tilted source images.
HDR/SDR GPU MC Noise Reduction
Vivid HDR to SDR Tone Mapping
Stunning SDR to HDR Inverse Tone Mapping
Viarte Uses the Highest Precision Computation Pipeline
  • 32-bit internal component calculations and 16 bits I/O for all Y,Cb,Cr components, maintaining highest system precision throughout.
  • EXR to EXR floating-point file format processing, ensuring the highest computational precision throughout the Viarte pipeline;

Efficient On-the-fly Viarte Splitting Technology

Efficient Viarte Architecture Features (Including Color Conversion)


Built from the ground-up with all of the above-mentioned breakthrough technologies, Viarte is a powerful on-the-fly content transformation and HEVC/AVC encoding engine with unparalleled capacity to achieve low-delay, high-throughput, highest quality 4k/UHD/HD/SD conversion and encoding at any bitrate on both IP streams or files.

Using a Viarte cluster, OTT providers, content owners, broadcasters, sport networks and post-facilities can provide sharper, smoother, cleaner and smaller-footprint Video while significantly improve their IP-studio workflow efficiency and automation, without limiting future expandability.

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