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isovideo Launches of File-based Standards Conversion Services using Award-Winning Viarte Server

(Beaverton, Oregon - August 31, 2013) isovideo today announces the launching of their Viarte server-based standards conversion/transcoding services for the film, TV broadcast and online media production and distribution industry. Viarte was a Game-Changer Awards winner (by the IABM and the NAB, April 2013). Users of isovideo services can benefit from:

superior image quality due to inclusion of our proprietary technologies:

  1. pixel-accurate Legato-cinema motion-compensated frame-rate conversion technology,
  2. unique motion-compensated Demeler deinterlacer, with Low Flicker Field Pass-Through (LFFPT). Demeler is the only deinterlacer available today that can reduce both x264 and HEVC/h265 compressed bitrates by over 16.6% on average without using an output filter (see AVC and HEVC Coding Efficiency of Deinterlaced Sequences).
  3. Rescape video scaler and rotator, with natural-looking edge enhancement, and absolutely no ringing!
  4. highest precision computation pipeline: 16-bits internal component calculations and I/O for all Y,Cb,Cr component calculations, and up to 10 bits I/O for decoding and encoding, maintaining highest system precision thoughout.

Flexible multi-output formats:

  1. Viarte can handle concurrent up/down/cross conversions between any interlaced or progressive video/film with any combinations of frame-rates (24, to 120f/s, etc) and resolutions (mobile to 8k, etc).
  2. multi encoding formats are provided, with varies options for target bit-rate and profile control.

Flexible and advanced conversion control supports:

  1. adding accurate simulated motion-blur to any video output to achieve desired results, such as a film look. This feature is critical when downconverting from high frame-rate material (such as 60p, 60i, or 50p, 50i) to a lower frame-rate target (such as 24p, 25p, 30p). The feature gives user the freedom to shoot "future-proof" video/film such that the material can be repurposed to any desired output formats, with beautiful results.
  2. mixed cadence conversion, such as transitions between 2:3 pulldown, advanced pulldown (2:3:3:2) and interlaced.
  3. adustment of audio-video delays to compensate for inaccurate meta data errors.
  4. safe handling of PsF material, with various modes to handle misleading input metadata.
  5. Accurate and flexible output timecode support includies SMPTE-drop-frame count, or exact frame count, as well as output offset adjustment and timecode-burn-in.

Free trial and fast turn around

Viarte services allow media production/services/distribution companies to efficiently and cost effectively satisfy their multi-purpose media transformation needs, with video quality that can rival or exceed the best in the class. As one recent post on the CreativeCOW forum by a post-production expert Jerome Raim, who was the lead assistant editor of Ron Howard's latest "Made in America" documentary concludes: "For the smoothest motion, isovideo's algorithm beat all the other methods (software AND hardware)."

More information about Viarte standards conversion services, with a variety of conversion examples, is available at