Viarte - a Win-Win Solution for File-based Media Transformation

Top five key Viarte advantages

Superior Image Qualigy
Viarte produces the highest quality, sharpest and smoothest video available from any standards converter today (either hardware or software based). Two time Academy Award-winning filmmaker/director Ron Howard's new documentary “Made in America” used Viarte for its concert footage conversion (59.94i to 23.976p). The lead assistant editor of “MiA”, Jerome Raim gave a thumbs-up for isovideo's standards conversion technology.

High H264/HEVC Compression Efficiency
Viarte is the only standards conversion server available today that enables additional significant H.264/HEVC compressed bitrate reduction, while maintaining highest video quality. Our HEVC Shanghai publication last October "AVC and HEVC Coding Efficiency of Deinterlaced Sequences" cited about a 17% compressed bit-rate reduction vs compressed interlaced, saving storage and network bandwidth. Furthermore, our recent study indicates an additional reduction of about 12-20% average savings is obtained for progressive video when high quality simulated motion blur is applied. This enables immediate average savings of 25%, depending on video scan type, video content, and motion blur settings.

High Configuability and Userability
Viarte is easy to use (via either drag-and-drop, file-copy or command line trigger), while also being extremely flexible. It supports concurrent multiple up/down/cross conversions between any interlaced or progressive video/film with any combinations of frame-rates (e.g. 24 to 120f/s) and resolutions (mobile to 8k, etc). It allows automation for repeated tasks, and preconfigured "expert" setup for non-expert users. At completion of a job, various actions can be pre-configured to trigger, such as notifications, file transfers, etc. Multiple encoding formats are supported, with various options for target bit-rate and profile control. PsF material can be handled safely, along with mixed cadence conversions, etc.

High Integrability, Workflow Efficieny and Robustness
Viarte's unique mountable architecture allows easy and flexible integration with other file based workflows, such as acquisition, post production, archiving, delivery and streaming systems. Viarte is highly efficient, no matter how many jobs you throw at it, it always runs near its maximum resource capacity. Viarte configuration supports simultaneous multi-transformations, while efficiently maximizing its overall throughput 24/7.

High Effective Scalability
Viarte can effectively scale to large server farm (over 250 servers per C-class 10Gbit LAN network), and with highly efficient network utilization. This cluster is big enough for any type of video processing throughput to be limited by network speed. Large server farms allow simultaneous multiple full-HD files to be processed at average speeds much faster than realtime. Viarte's effective scalability supports expansion to accomodate 4k and high frame rates material without bottlenecks.

In summary: Viarte enables content owners, broadcasters, sport network and CDN operators, post-production houses and cloud-based video/film production/distribution companies to easily and efficiently produce superior, smooth video of any size/frame-rate/type, while immediately saves on significant x264/HEVC compressed bit-rates. Viarte can be easily integrated into a cloud video production server farm, unveiling an unparalleled combination of quality, speed, flexibility and scalability.

Viarte at a glance shows its unique combination of advantages.

Viarte integration diagram

Viarte GPU accelerated MC deinterlacing

Viarte GPU accelerated MC framerate conversion